• Je sais exprimer des hypothèses avec des modaux


    # 8– Wednesday, September 27th 2017




    password: apple of my eye [ai]


    = la prunelle de mes yeux


    = very precious for me!





    Maybe there are 3 characters (personnages):


    Amy, Adam and Alexandra


    There might be three characters: Amy, Adam


    and Alexandra.


    I assume that the scene takes place at school.


    The scene may take place at school.


    I guess the scene takes place in the morning


    the scene must take place in the morning.


    The video is probably about a day with 3 best friends


    The video must be about a day with 3 best friends.








    finir de compléter le tableau avec les indices (sounds, music, voices, pictures)


    ayoub= refaire test


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