• Je comprends une conversation téléphonique


    #16 – Tuesday, October 17th 2017




    password: jinx!


    = when two people say the same thing at the


    same time


    = Chips!



    The 4 girls in the foreground look happy.


    They wear a uniform: they have got a white shirt, a blue Jersey and a grey skirt.


    They may be happy because they are smiling.


    Maybe they are going to their favorite class. They may be chatting.


    One girl has got long straight red hair.




    Look + adjectif = avoir l'air + adj


    to wear = porter un vêtement


    a shirt = une chemise a skirt= une jupe


    smile = sourire to chat= bavarder






    audio document:




    sounds: telephone ringin + bip + message

    music: no music

    voices: 2 characters: a boy a girl

    the document is a dialogue on the phone between a girl and a boy.


    Homework savoir décrire l'image et présenter le document audio.






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