• International Women's day + translation devices (G.1)

    Hi guys!

    Today's lesson is written by Marine.

    We watched the following video:

    Here is what we said:


    First we have seen a video about The International Women's Day 
    The women are explaining what it consists in.It consists in remembering That we have to fight for women's rights. In the 19th the Day didn't exist , but it was quite the same as the mother's Day. Indeed people would offer flowers to women. Since then we can observe an evolution/improvement. Indeed women can now become astronauts, prime ministres,Presidents,doctors...However , there remain inequalities between men and women. So we should keep on changing things because in some countries there is a deep gap between the two genres. 

    Vocabulary : To remain = to stay 
    Grammar : To consist in + V - ING

    Then we did some exercices about how to translate.


    You must finish the worksheet about translation.

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