#9 Thursday , September 20th 2018


    mm = Mila (maitrise très satisfaisatne)




    password = Yummy! = délicieux!


    Yum! = miam!





    first youtube video


    must be perfect


    introduce ourselves


    Adam = me first






    Introduce = presentation


    on s'attend à entendre les catégories suivantes:


    - Name: Adam


    - age: 13


    - name of the channel = A club youtube channel


    - passions / Talents = sporty, artistic, lazy, cute, sing + play the guitar


    - Family = sister + twin brother (Luke) = blue eyes like adam and spiky hair + cuter


    Amy = modest! = amy is ironical/ joking/ mocking Adam. Adam is pretentious.


    Recording a video


    Adam isn't shy at all


    homework: Monday 24th september.


    transformer les mots clés en phrases (paragraphe)


    your comment

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