#8 Wednesday , September 19th 2018


    password = Shame on you!

    Tu devrais avoir honte!



    Exprimer la supposition:


    maybe / perhaps / probably


    I think that ...

    I suppose that ...

    I assume that...



    Il y a = there is (sing)/are (plur)

    Maybe there are 3 kids.

    Perhaps they live in England

    Probably they are friends.

    I think that Alice has got a cat.

    I suppose that Amy has got a puppy named Princess.

    I assume that Adam has got a twin brother.



    • 2 girls (Alice & Amy)

    • 1 boy


    • happy

    • guitar


    • tap dancing

    • cat is meowing

    • cars = traffic?

    • sea?

    • Dog is barking

    • bells


    homework: monday 24th september

    savoir exprimer la supposition. Faire trois phrases suppositions avec les CLUES

    emeric repasse au tableau

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