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    yummy! = delicious!


    Yum!= miam!




    Pictures: step 2 / step 3




    - teacher / adam (S1)




    London ( royal guard, london eye, Big Ben)


    Fiern Barnet School (corridors with lockers)


    What about:


    Situation 1:


    teacher angry


    Adam late again (running) (he is always late).


    ==> Lots of problems this morning:


    - First alarm clock didn't ring


    - bathroom (don't disturb) sister take shower SO had to wait


    - and then , ran but missed the bus. So walked but it rained


    - finally/eventually uniform is drenched


    -schoolbag left at home




    on transforme les mots clés ("tarzan")


    - teacher / adam (S1) = in the first situation, there are two characters: a teacher and Adam.


    The scene takes place in London in the corridors of Barnet school.


    The teacher looks angry. Adam is running because he is always late.


    He had lots of problem this morning.


    First, his alarm clock didn't ring and her sister was in the bathroom so he had to wait.


    And then, he ran but missed the bus. So he walked but it rained.


    Eventually/finally his uniform was drenched. He left his schoolbag at home!




    Homework: friday 21st september


    apprendre la leçon + chercher les mots de vocabulaire (finir d'écrire la leçon)




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