• Hi class!

    Here is what we said:


    correction homework:



    Furious dog – rocks and stones (pierre)– lake -poisonous animals (bees = abeilles) – biking – pool/ponds =une mare – balls/games.


    sea / water (to drown = se noyer) – the balls -shark =requin– crabs – hydrocution – jellyfishes =méduse – sun – walking without shoes (barefoot = pieds nus) : broken glass –serynges - holes in the sand (sable)-

    Building sites:

    big vehicles – machines – scalffoldings (échaffaudages)– tools.

    Car park:

    cars – strangers (étrangers)– bus – petrol spills – unstable vehicles:

    Other risky places:

    moutains – highways – a street – escalator – school – kitchen


    Quizz n1 sheet



    réviser la leçon

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