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    password= bewildered/bɪˈwɪldəd/ 

    = perplexe.


    the scene takes place in Sherlock's appartment

    there are three characters: Holmes, Watson and Henry.

    Henry was about to leave when Sherlock managed to make him

    sit down.

    Indeed he explained what he did last night only with deduction.

    Henry took the first train in the morning from Devon.

    He had a disappointing breakfast with a cup of black coffee.

    He met a girl in the train. He was anxious because he didn't have his

    first cigarette of the day.

    Sherlock is showing off!

    How on earth did he notice that the man had the number of the girl written

    on the train napkin full of coffee stains?

    To be about to = être sur le point de

    to leave= partir/quitter

    to manage to+ BV= réussir à

    indeed = en effet

    disappointing = décevant

    anxious= inquiet

    to show off= faire le beau

    to boast = se vanter

    to notice = remarquer

    a napkin = une serviette de table

    a stain= une tache.


    Exprimer une incertitude avec les auxiliaires modaux: MIGHT / MAY / MUST

    S + AUX MODAL + BV


    MIGHT = 5% sûr

    MAY = 50%

    MUST=98% de certitude.


    I am wrong = je me trompe/ j'ai faux


    I might/may/must be wrong



    apprendre la leçon par coeur

    savoir exprimer l'incertitude.

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