• # 75monday , June 11th 2018


    password= bewildered /bɪˈwɪldəd/ 

    = perplexe



    D'où viens tu?

    Where do you come from? Where are you from?

    Combien de stylos as-tu?

    How many pens do you have?

    De combien de sucre as-tu besoin?

    How much sugar do you need?

    Combien de temps travaillons nous?

    How long do we work?

    Les quantifieurs:

    dans les questions on utilise ANY

    ex: Do you need any carrots? (as tu besoin de carottes?)

    Dans les réponses on utilise SOME

    ex: I need some carrots. (J'ai besoin de quelques carottes)



    autres quantifieurs:

    a lot of = beaucoup de

    too many = trop (dénombrables)

    too much= trop (indénombrables)


    il y a beaucoup de chocolat

    there is a lot of chocolate

    il y a trop de chocolat

    there is too much chocolate.

    il y a trop de pommes

    there are too many apples.

    il y a beaucoup de pommes

    There is a lot of apples

    there are lots of apples

    As tu besoin de beurre?

    Do you need any butter?

    J'ai besoin de temps.

    I need some time.

    Pronunciation challenge:

    Is she sure there is Worcestershire sauce in the Lancashire hotpot?

    Download « audio document worcestershire sauce.mp3 »



    prononciation challenge.





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