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    This is an extract from the TV Show Bake off junior.

    The video focuses on Tyrese.

    He is a teenager. He is preparing a meal. He is cooking saltfish

    with avocado and chicken with apples canapes. He is explaining his recipe.


    First, in order to do it, you must fold the pastry. Then you wrap it with a

    plastic film. Then you freeze it for fifteen minutes.

    Finally you boil it in a pan.

    Tyrese was inspired by his grandma and aunt.

    He is very happy, passionate, excited and curious.

    To focus on= se concentrer sur

    a meal = un repas

    saltfish= poisson salé

    recipe= recette

    to fold= plier

    pastry = pâte

    wrap= emballer

    freeze= congeler

    to boil= bouillir

    passionate= passioné

    curious= curieux

    in order to + BV = sert à exprimer le but (afin de, pour)


    to heat= chauffer/réchauffer

    to add= ajouter

    to squeeze= presser

    to mix= mélanger

    to whip= fouetter

    to glaze= glacer (faire un glaçage)

    to cut= couper

    to slice= trancher


    homework: apprendre le vocabulaire par coeur (de la leçon d'aujourd'hui) TEST




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