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    CASE 1

    group 1 =

    probably the girl ate ice and the ice was poisoned.

    Group 2=

    I suppose that the girl died because she was allergic to iced tea.

    Group 3=

    maybe the iced was poisoned and the ice didn't have time to melt for the girl who drank rapidly.


    the poison was in the ice and she drank it so fast that the ice didn't have time to melt.

    CASE 2=

    group 4= probably the day of the birthday is not the same

    group 5= I suppose that Sherlock was making fun of the girls.

    Group 6= maybe they weren't born the same month.


    they were not twins but triplets! Elementary!

    Eat/ate/eaten = manger poisoned= empoisonné to die= mourir

    ice = glace/ glaçon (ice cube) melt= fondre drink/drank/drunk= boire

    twin= jumeau/jumelle


    homework: apprendre la leçon + finir la WS (hidden words)



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