# 67Friday , June 1st 2018




    password: I flunked the exam


    = j'ai râté mon test, je me suis fait recaler.




    This video is about an exhibition of Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


    in a museum in London.


     In order to enter the museum you must pass through a secret passage in a library because


    the world of SH is full of mysteries.


    In the museum are shown/ exhibited/displayed rare objects belonging to SH and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle such as the South Notebooks with the first germs of SH, pipes, hats, coats, etc.


    SH is a global brand. He is famous worldwide. He has got timeless values. He is considered as a superhero whose superpowers are to solve problems and provide solutions.


    The museum aims at refreshing/updating SH's brand so as to attract young people.


    They try to make teens read SH.


    Exhibition = exposition exhibited/displayed = exposé


    pass through = traverser belong to = appartenir à


    library = bibliothèque such as= tel que


    shown (VIR) = montré brand= une marque


    worldwide = mondial timeless = intemporel


    values= valeurs considered as = considérer comme


    to provide (with)= fournir refresh= rafraîchir


    to update = mettre à jour




    to make SB do something = faire faire qqch à qqn


    Il lui fait faire les devoirs = he makes him do the homework


    vous nous faites travailler = you make us work


    elle lui fait manger du couscous = she makes him eat couscous


    elle lui fait mettre à jour le site internet = she makes him update the website.


    il nous fait dessiner la marque Nike = he makes us draw the Nike brand


    je te fais faire la vaisselle (do the dishes)= I make you do the dishes




    homework: apprendre la leçon par coeur.


    Savoir exprimer make SB do something.






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