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    1/ courage, cran

    2/ tripes, entrailles, bide, bedaine...


    this video is about a Sherlock Holmes exhibition in a museum in London.

    In order to enter this museum, you must pass through a secret passage in

    a library.

    Inside the museum are exposed/exhibited/displayed objects related to SH such as his collection of

    pipes, hats, coats, magnifying glasses. We can see the door refering to his address: B 221 Baker Street.

    There are many screens showing many films with numerous embodiements of SH.

    You can also find notebooks which belonged to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the author of the novel.

    Conan Doyle lived in the South of England.

    SH is compared to a superhero who solved problems and provided solutions.

    He is a global brand who needed to be refreshed/updated.

    He has got timeless values.

    Exhibition = exposition pass through= traverser

    displayed= disposé related to = en relation avec

    such as = tel que numerous = nombreux embodiement=incarnation

    belong to = appartenir à provide= founir brand= marque

    update = mise à jour timeless= intemporel.


    Homework: apprendre la leçon et le vocabulaire.

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