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    password: guts

    1/ courage

    2/ tripes, entrailles, ventre, bide


    we see = we can see

    photography = la photographie (l'art)

    photo = /ˈfəʊtəʊ/ = photograph = une photographie

    un photographe = a photographer

    first ground = foreground

    blood = /blʌd/ 

    weather = /ˈwɛðə/ 

    threatening= menacing

    stormy= orageux

    investigator= enquêteur.



    It is a picture taken from the British series Sherlock.

    In the foreground, we can see two men. They look serious.

    The man on the right is crossing his arms.

    They are wearing winter coats and scarves.

    In the background we can see the Thames, St Paul's Cathedral and the Gerkhin so the scene must

    take place in London.

    The sky looks stormy and the atmosphere is stressful, gloomy and threatening.

    The characters may be investigators/detectives and they must try to solve murder cases.

    They try to discover the truth, to uncover the real identity of the killer.


    Cross one's arms = se croiser les bras

    coat = manteau

    1 scarf/2 scarves = écharpe

    stormy = orageux

    gloomy = glauque, lugubre

    a threat = une menace

    to threaten = menacer

    threatening = menaçant

    to solve a case = résoudre une affaire

    investigator = enquêteur.

    To investigate = to enquire



    revoir la vidéo et finir la collecte des mots clés.

    Apprendre la leçon par coeur.


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