# 70wednesday , May 30th 2018




    password= it's been a blast/ I had a blast!


    = je me suis éclaté(e)




    This is a photo taken/extracted from the British series Sherlock. 


    In the foreground we can see two main/principal characters. Dr Watson on the right


    and Sherlock Holmes on the left. The actor playing/embodying Dr Watson is Martin Freeman.


    The one playing Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch.


    They are wearing coats and they look very serious. Dr Watson is crossing his arms.


    In the background we can see the grey and cloudy sky, a bridge, the Gerkhin and St Paul's cathedral, so the scene takes place in London.


    I think the two men are spies. The men may be detectives.


    Watson is a doctor. They must investigate about murders, crimes. They must try to solve mysterious cases.




    Taken/extracted from = pris/extrait de


    From Paris to Barcelona = De Paris à Barcelone


    From = exprime une provenance


    to = exprime une destination.


    Main = principal


    to embody = incarner


    coat = manteau


    scarf = écharpe


    cross one's arms = croiser les bras




    my car = my + nom


    mine (complément) = it is mine


    ex: it is my car. = c'est ma voiture


    It's mine. (my car) = c'est la mienne










    It is my car

    It is mine

    It is your car

    It is yours

    It is his car/her car/ its car

    It is his / it is hers

    It is our car

    It is ours

    It is your car

    It is yours

    It is their car

    It is theirs






    C'est ma maison, ce n'est pas la leur


    it's my house, it's not theirs.


    C'est ton vélo, ce n'est pas le mien


    it is your bike, it's not mine.


    C'est notre professeur, ce n'est pas le leur.


    It's our teacher, it's not theirs.




    Video museum






    savoir donner le maximum de mots clés sur la vidéo


    apprendre la leçon.


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