• # 64 – , May 28th 2018


    password: early bird

    = un lève tôt.


    The video is about Sherlock Holmes who is a very famous private detective.

    His job is to solve mysterious murders/crimes

    he works with Scotland Yard, the British Police.

    He has got a strong power of deduction that helps him discover the truth!

    He wears his famous hat, he has got a long coat or cape, he smokes a pipe

    and has got a magnifying glass.

    The music in the trailer is stressful, strange, full of suspense and mysterious.

    Sherlock must be a scientist.

    This series must a modern remake.


    A scientist = un scientifique

    scientific= (adj)


    video: museum Sherlock holmes

    work on the key words pictures



    interrogation orale sur la video


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