• # 63 – Thursday , May 24th 2018


    password: roasted!

    1/ a roasted chicken = poulet rôti

    2/ Mr Brot roasted Maixent! = M. Brot a incendié/ridiculisé/mis M. En boîte!





    the scene must take place in London.

    Maybe it is the trailer of Sherlock season 1

    it must be about a murder scene with a killer, a detective who is

    investigating, clues such as blood, foot/fingerprints, weapons, DNA...


    a killer = a murderer

    to kill = to murder

    investigate (V) = enquêter

    investigation (N) = enquêtes

    a clue = indice

    blood = sang

    a weapon= une arme (knife, gun, rope, poison...)



    opening credit of the British series Sherlock


    - people walking in the streets of London.

    - Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch = British actors

    - Mark Gattis = director

    - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle = writer/creator of the Character.


    in London (Big Ben , Gherkin, Thames, Piccadily Circus, London Eye...)


    Modern times / nowadays.

    What about:




    finir le What about

    apprendre la leçon + vocab.


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