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    password: working out

    = s'entraîner / faire de la musculation



    it's a picture taken from a tv show, probably a cooking competition/contest.

    There are 7 characters: they must be amateur cooks or even professional chefs.

    They are wearing a white uniform and maybe an apron.

    The scene takes place in a kitchen on a TV set.

    The cooks are preparing a meal in order to win the competition.

    There are many ustensils and ingredients on the table such as knives, forks, greens,

    shrimps, etc.

    This show may be broadcasted every season.


    Tv show = émission TV a contest= une compétition

    a cook= un cuisinier a cooker= une cuisinière (machine)

    an apron [eiprn]= un tablier TV set= plateau TV

    a meal = un repas a dish = un plat

    a knife / 2 knives = couteau(x) fork = fourchette

    a shrimp= crevette to broadcast= diffuser (une émission)



    creation of a vocabulary sheet about FOOD and USTENSILS

    - classify your words

    - make it beautiful (illustrations, etc.)

    - use the 2 quizlet lists to help you

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