# 67Wednesday , May 23rd 2018


    password: working out

    = faire de la musculation / s'entraîner.



    It is a picture taken from/extracted from a TV show. It must be a cooking competition/ contest.

    The contestants are chef or amateur cooks.

    The scene takes place in a large kitchen maybe in a TV set.

    The 7 cooks are cooking, they are preparing the best dish/meal so as to win the contest.

    There are many ingredients and ustensils on the table such as greens, carots, salad, forks,

    knives, etc.

    The winner may win a lot money in order to open a restaurant.

    Taken from/extracted from = extrait de meal= repas

    contest = une compétition fork = fourchette

    contestant= participants/concurents knife [naif] / 2 knives = couteau(x)

    a cook = un(e) cuisinier(e)

    a cooker = une cuisinière (machine)

    tv set = un plateau Tv

    a dish = un plat


    creation of a vocabulary sheet about FOOD and USTENSILS

    - classify your words

    - make it beautiful (illustrations, etc.)

    - use the 2 quizlet lists to help you

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