• # 63Tuesday , May 22nd 2018


    password: sing a different tune = change your mind

    = changer de refrain/ changer son fusil d'épaule

    = changer d'avis


    This is a picture/still taken from the TV series Sherlock.

    In the background we can see London. Indeed, there are different London monuments

    and the sky is cloudy.

    In the foreground there are two men. They look very serious. They look like detectives or

    inspectors. Actually the man on the right is Dr Watson and the one on the left is a private

    detective. The actors are very famous; indeed one embodies Dr Strange and the other

    Bilbo the Hobbit.

    It must be a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

    A still = une photo tirée d'un film indeed= en effet.

    To look + adj= avoir l'air to look like + N = ressembler à

    to embody = incarner. Actually = en fait/ en réalité

    Homework: apprendre la leçon par coeur. 


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