# 60Friday , May 4th 2018


    password: May the fourth be with you

    today is the international Star Wars day.



    document 3:


    Download «Audio de la trace écrite.mp3 »


    it is an informative text

    it explains what is the digital footprint

    we leave trails on the net everytime we do something

    you can be followed everywhere because of your trail.

    You can't erase/delete/remove your virtual trail

    we should be careful/aware of what we post on social media

    you shouldn't post private things on the net.

    In other words, the Internet never forgets.

    It intends to warn us about the consequences of posting anything on the net.


    Digital footprints = empreinte de pied fingerprint=empreinte digitale

    to leave = laisser / quitter a trail = une trace (dans le sol)

    to erase/delete= effacer/supprimer to remove= enlever/ôter

    be careful= faire attention be aware= Etre conscient

    to warn= avertir warning= avertissement



    savoir décrire sa vidéo en détails





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