# 56 – Wednesday , April 11th 2018




    password: barking up the wrong tree


    = faire fausse route





    I.T. crowd




    sketch from a comedy series the I.T. crowd




    - extinguishes fire


    - calls on the phone


    - types on the keyboard


    - writes an E-mail


    physical / mental description:


    - glasses


    - unfashionable shirt


    - dark skin


    - afro haircut


    - socialy clumsy/ awkward


    - work with computer


    => geek / nerd






    It's a sketch extracted from the comedy series the I.T. Crowd.


    There is a man in an office and he is on the computer.


    The man has got an unfashionable shirt, glasses, an afro haircut and


    dark skin.


    He looks socialy clumsy/awkard so he must be a geek/nerd.


    Suddenly, there is a fire! He tries to extinguish it with an extinguisher but


    he sets fire to it! He tries to call the emergency and finally he types on the


    keyboard to write an E-mail to ask for help which is really dumb/idiot.




    I.T. = Information Technology office = bureau (endroit) a desk=bureau


    unfashionable= démodé/ringard clumsy/awkward= maladroit


    extinguish (v)= éteindre extinguisher= extincteur


    emergency = urgences dumb=idiot




    idk my bff Rose video





    revoir la vidéo + répondre aux questions en WH:


    Who, where, when, what about?


    connaitre la leçon sur IT Crowd par coeur.


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