• # 54 – Thursday , April 5th 2018


    password: hanging out with friends

    passer du temps/traîner avec des amis



    informative video : history internet

    co creator = vince

    america in NY?

    Interview: project arpanet/ protect data from nuclear attack

    distribution of the data

    group 2:

    street interviewed

    figure out to build a system to survive nuclear attack

    result of another experiment: arpanet = defense project

    group 3: 

    first version = arpanet

    what is the internet for?

    group 4: 

    made to withstand a nuclear attack

    survive a nuclear attack

    group 5: 


    group 6: 

    many characters


    resist a nuclear attack



    It's an informative video about what is the Internet.

    After a short interview we understand that people 

    don't know what exactly is the Internet.

    Vint, the co-creator says that it doesn't matter. What is

    important is not the inventor but the invention used

    every day.

    The first Internet was created in the 70's and was called

    Arpanet. It was a defense project. They wanted to figure out

    how to protect information/data from a nuclear attack

    the best solution was the distributed (cobweb) network.


    To figure out= résoudre (problem)

    data= données (informative)


    We started to work on the following video:


    homework: finir le travail sur la video (WH)

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