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    password: eager beaver


    = un bosseur, un bûcheur.




    Those icons/logos / pictograms are made to protect kids.


    PEGI means Pan European Game Information


    its objectives are:


    - To know if the games are adapted/suitable to the age of the children


    - to inform the young persons/ public.


    - To warn people about the possible dangerous contents of the game


    - to prevent from the impact that the game can have on children.


    - to inform about what is Unsuitable or suitable to kids


    You can find those icons on video game packages/covers/boxes.




    Suitable / unsuitable = adapté/inadapté


    warn = avertir


    content = contenu


    to prevent from = empêcher de


    package = emballage


    cover = couverture. Mean = signifier













    give an advice:


    Should + BV / shouldn't + BV


    You shouldn't play this game because it is scary.


    You should play Mario Kart if you love races


    forbid (interdire):


    MUSTN'T + BV


    It is forbidden to + BV


    You mustn't play GTA if you are under 18


    It's forbidden to play GTA if you are under 18






    Donner deux conseils et deux interdictions sur les jeux de son choix.


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