# 48 – Thursday , March 15th 2018


    password: hit the road.

    = partir, prendre la route.


    resident evil =

    rêve final =

    grand theft auto =

    fallout =

    Breath (N) =

    Breathe /i:/ (V) =

    a flight (N) =

    to fly (V) =

    un vol (voiture) =

    the wild =

    A worm =

    A craftman =

    a crush =



    The video is a trailer of the film Wreck it Ralph.

    Ralph is a bad guy who breaks everything everyday.

    He is fed up with his job because there is no recognition.

    He wants to become a hero because he thinks his job is boring.

    So he hits the road. He disappears from his game to be a hero in other worlds.

    The others are worried because without a bad guy there is no hero or game.

    He meets a little girl who mimics/imitates him.


    To be fed up with = en avoir marre

    boring (adj) = ennuyeux / ennuyant

    recognition = reconnaissance

    recognize = reconnaître

    become = devenir

    disappear = disparaître

    to be worried = être inquiet

    to mimic = to imitate.



    apprendre la leçon par coeur (qqn passe)

    finir de compléter les deux worksheet.









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