# 50 – Thursday , March 15th 2018


    password: hit the road.

    Partir, prendre la route

    pool : are you addicted to technology?




    STEP 2 - Technology quiz: 

    Click HERE and do the quiz. Post the result on Seesaw





    In the class 5 pupils out of 20 are addicted to technology (25%)


    in the class 6 pupils out of 20 are not addicted to technology


    in the class 9 pupils out of 20 hate technology


    the majority of the class is against technology.


    5 out of 20 = 5 sur 20




    texting = sending a SMS ( short message service)


    chatting = talking on social media.


    Check an email = read your email = consulter/vérifier


    GPS = Global positioning system


    charge your battery = recharger sa batterie/pile


    screen = écran


    Enzo never uses Instagram


    Aicha posts on snapchat once a day or every two minutes.


    Maixent plays video games twice a week.


    M. Brot plays SWB2 thrice a week.


    Raphael plays video games four or five times a week.




    Pour exprimer le nombre de fois:


    once = une fois


    twice = deux fois


    thrice = trois fois


    four, five, six... times = 4, 5, 6 fois





    STEP 3 - Complete the following sheet:







    compléter la fiche fréquence


    apprendre la leçon et le vocabulaire (interrogé)

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