# 46 – Friday , February 9th 2018




    password= spit it out

    Allez! Dis le!


    video 1

    faithful adaptation:

    same text, same stage directions



    manga elements:

    - unrealistic lights and movements

    - faithful situation

    - romance/romantic/romanticism

    exaggeration of situation to emphasize the romanticism = pb: cheesy?




    fake newspaper: dramatic


    deadly dose of potion

    parody of scandal newspapers like The Sun.

    It aims at making fun of the play.

    It intends to make fun of it.


    Aim at + V-ing = avoir pour but de

    intend to + BV = avoir l'intention de

    an aim = un objectif

    to aim = viser




    The cartoonist aims at making a summary of the story

    maybe to make it easier to understand for kids.

    Baz Lhurman's movie is showing a modern Romeo & Juliet

    with Shakespeare's original text. The director intends to

    make teenagers read Shakespeare.




    Original Text:

    The balcony scene represents the moment when the lovers

    talk about the main problem: they have different names.

    Their names symbolize the enmity/hostility between

    the two sworn enemies.


    Thus, the solution is to abandon their names through /thanks to




    Enmity = inimitié sworn=juré

    swear = jurer thus / so = donc wedding= mariage

    thanks to=grâce à




    apprendre la leçon + vocabulaire

    WH-? Texte donné en cours: In un placete de la Mancha..

    ratrapper le cours

    récupérer les punitions


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