# 43 – Friday , February 2nd 2018




    password= head over heels in love


    = éperdument amoureux






    S + LOOK + adjectif = avoir l'air + adj


    = she looks suprised.




    S + LOOK LIKE + N = ressember à + N


    = she looks like a lion



    It's an extract from Love Actually. A couple is watching TV


    slouched on the sofa. The bell rings so the girl goes downstairs


    to open the door. A friend is declaring /confessing his love to her


    with written signs. He says he will always love her.


    When he leaves she runs after him to kiss him.


    He understands he must stop everything because it's too dangerous.


    In the end, they are lying and cheating on the other man.




    To cheat = tromper 






    apprendre la leçon du jour + vocabulaire.


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