# 42 – Friday , February 2nd 2018




    password= head over heels in love


    = éperdument amoureux




    Future: correction




    1 - Romeo and Juliet are going to die at the end of the play.

    2 - Maria is having a party on Friday: she sent me an invitation.

    3 - Aurelia will live in England with her husband, if he has to go there.




    Work on Romeo and Juliet




    I'm not marrying you = je n'ai pas l'intention de me marier avec toi








    TEST vocabulaire


    regarder et continuer le travail sur vos documents


    faire les deux activités quizlet sur R&J


    g1 = manga


    G2= comic strip


    G3= video 1 et texte fr + GB


    G4= v3 + text original + french


    G5= newspaper + original + French




    TEXT 1




    Video 1




     Video 2



    Video 3 (1:49 to 3:00)




    Comic strip


    Text 2



    French Text

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