• # 27 – Monday , November 27th 2017

    password= A fluffy cat



    Training time


    • Make the description of the following picture and post it on the padlet.




    • Now it's your turn! In pairs, you must create your own interactive storyboard. It must be an action movie.


      Test rookie level

      Description of a storyboard


      • Create your own Interactive storyboard. It must be about an action movie. You can use the following sites to help you.

      • You must use everything we did in class to make a detailed description. Go to Prep Test section if you need some help.



      Test Expert level : ( 2 marks, the second being a bonus)

    Description of a storyboard

      • You must do Test rookie level

      • you must do the analysis of the following trailer:

      • You must create the mindmap of the lesson. You must use everything we learnt in the lesson. Post it on Padlet. Here are softwares you can use:






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